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ChipsAway  Network

The Leader in the Field

ChipsAway invented and pioneered the concept of localised car repairs over twenty years ago. Although the success of the ChipsAway network has meant it has had many imitators, it has never lost its clear position as the world leader in small and medium area repairs.

ChipsAway has continued to innovate in the field, introducing new techniques and materials and making SMART repair so much more than a chip repair system. Since its inception, the ChipsAway network has had the scientific skills to research, create and develop the products and refinish materials necessary for SMART repairs in-house unlike any other repairer.

The ChipsAway system has been refined and improved with the experience of a network of many hundreds of technicians operating for over two decades. Experience in conventional repairs gives very little insight into the particular challenges of SMART repair, meaning that bodyshops who are experimenting wihth adding SMART repair arms to their conventional operations have a long way to come to approach the ChipsAway system.

A Refinish System Designed In-House for SMART Repairs

The ChipsAway refinish system is a genuine integrated system, not a mess of body shop products cobbled together from different suppliers. Extensive research and development has ensured that the elements of the system are completely compatible and the finished product durable enough for the harsh rigours of an automotive environment.

The ChipsAway system has been independently assessed and certified as safe to spray in an uncontrolled environment. Other unscrupulous repairers have been identified as using toxic body shop materials in mobile repairs, posing health risks to customers and their families. Use of the ChipsAway system fully complies with all relevant Environmental legislation, which is of particular concern to business customers who are liable for any offences committed by sub-contractors on their premises.

Quality and Reputation

The ChipsAway system uses the highest quality materials and elements. Our colour-matching technologies are the world's most respected. The ChipsAway network has been established for over twenty years and has thousands of operators in over twenty countries, completing literally hundreds of thousands of car repairs each year. We are the undisputed world leader in automotive bodywork repair. There is no other network in the world on the same scale, or with the same degree of market trust. In the motor trade, Small/Medium area repairs are often simply referred to as "ChipsAway repairs".

A Genuine Network, Trusted by the Industry

ChipsAway is a genuine national network, providing aftersales support to our customers, avoiding the pitfalls of dealing with rogue and sole traders. ChipsAway operators are qualified and licensed, and required to meet the highest standards in customer care and repair quality.

ChipsAway is the repairer trusted by some of the most important names in the automotive world; insurance companies such as Admiral, Bell, Diamond, Elephant and More Th>n, logistics providers such as Walon, Chevron, Carillion and BT Fleet, and the largest association of motorists in the UK, the AA.