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The Environmental Impact of the ChipsAway System

The ChipsAway system is to our knowledge the only repair system to have been independently certified as safe to spray in an uncontrolled environment, and also assessed as regards its environmental impact.

Dr Eric Hartmann of Pro-Consult Solutions Ltd concluded that:

The unique ChipsAway system complies fully with EU Paint Directive 2004/42/CE
The ChipsAway System is free from Isocyanates
A ChipsAway repair releases 92% less VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) than a conventional body shop repair
A ChipsAway repair emits 99% less CO2 than a conventional body shop repair
Occupational exposure to VOC from a ChipsAway repair is 83% less than experienced in a conventional body shop
A ChipsAway repair has a Carbon Footprint 73% lower than that of a conventional body shop repair


A pdf of the certificate is available here

The Responsible Repair Network

ChipsAway leads the refinishing world in Environmental Responsibility. For copies of our Risk Assessments, Health and Safety folder and Materials Safety Data Sheets, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We don't save you money by having our repairs cost the Earth.